Advanced Warehouse Management Software for Every Budget


Our infrastructure was designed from the start to run as lean as possible and those savings are passed directly to you.


We strive to keep the interface and system as easy-to-use as possible. We want our software to be accessible to users of every skill level and background.


We know the biggest challenge is getting started. With that in mind, we've built our software to integrate existing processes, places, vehicles and stored items at your pace.

Software Features

The best tools and support with more being added every day.

Manage the layout and properties of complex physical infrastructure

Our software allows you to model your entire facility, no matter how large, down to the individual shelf and pallet. Show full hierarchy in the item details and track down every object in your facility quickly and easily.

  • Create the hierarchy of the facility places and vehicles.
  • Set properties like mobility and the ability to accept items.
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  • Set rules for status changes to an item when moving into or out of a place.
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  • Print large barcode labels to move items into areas quickly and easily.
  • See every change, from initial creation to the movement of objects.

State Interface Screenshot

Teach the software to do your work for you

Setup the tasks in your facility to be handled automatically where possible and save yourself and your crew time and prevent errors. For example, when an item is scanned to a shelf, set them to a status of "stored"; Have an email sent to the facility manager when an item is flagged as "damaged"; Set all items on a pallet to "In Transit" when the pallet moves to any vehicle.

You can also restrict movement and status changes outside a defined workflow. For example, stop a member of your crew from moving an item directly from a vehicle to a shelf without first moving to a processing area.

  • Set restrictive or permissive status changes based on your existing workflow.
  • Set events that make changes to items based on your existing workflow and facility layout.
  • Get better control and reduce human error by having our software watch over things for you.

State Interface Screenshot

Create, manage and monitor items

Create an item, print a label and get it processed with a couple easy steps and see the full history of that item as it moves through your facility. Group items either based on location, state, owner or any other criteria you see fit and run complex operations against the group like movement, status changes or billable value.

Upload images to quickly identify an item within a facility and to speed along manual verification processes.

  • Create detailed items and upload images of them.
  • Group items for complex billing, movement and bulk processing operations.
  • View detailed item history reports showing what changed, when and the name of the user.

State Interface Screenshot

Use our labels, your labels or both

Our item identification system is flexible enough to allow for both the generation of barcodes and labels from our system as well as assigning barcodes from any existing system. Just select the item and assign by scanning the existing barcode. You can even mix'n'match, allowing for adoption to our system at your pace.

  • Scan your existing barcodes and assign to items in the system.
  • Generate new barcodes automatically for new items, places and vehicles.
  • Print both new and replacement labels.

Label Printing Interface Screenshot

Choose a Plan That's Right for Your Business


$10per user/month

All the warehousing, inventory management, billing and job management features.


$15per user/month

All the features of the basic plan with added fleet management features.


$15per user/month

All the features of the basic plan with added consignment sales features.


$20per user/month

All the features of basic, fleet and consignment plans with added HR, public site hosting and phone system features.

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